Hashing with the Auckland Hash House Harriers

Today’s posting is written in English as it is mainly aimed on my hashing mates in Munich and Auckland. So far I did quite a few nice hashes in Auckland, but last Sunday was something really outstanding: I joined the Auckland Hash on the „Round the Bays“. That’s an 8.6 km amateur city run along Auckland’s shoreline with about 70,000 participants every year. The Hash made it into the „Round the Beers“ run. They have a customised car-trailer, fitted with beer kegs and tap, a sound system and a gas-fired barbeque. The whole thing is pulled by about 10 hashers on two long ropes. So, imagine us among the running crowd, dringing beer from the tab, having barbecued bacon – all to the sound of Beachboys-classics. Great show! On-On…

Auckland Hash (green shirts) with the hash-entertainment-trailer on the Round the Bays

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